The Dancing Dentist

Dr. Emil Svoboda welcomes Anna Trebunskaya, of dancing with the stars.

Check out this fun video, and get an exclusive behind the scenes view of Emil and Anna preparing their routine for the big show on February 23rd.  For tickets and information please follow this link to


Anna Trebunskaya and Dr Emil Svoboda spent a couple of weeks in the Dance Studio in Hermosa Beach California developing a Foxtrot routine to be danced for a 2Some Event “Toronto Dances with the Stars” on February 23, 2013. Hermosa Beach is about 6 miles south of the LAX airport in LA.

Anna is a dancer from the very popular TV show” Dancing with the Stars” otherwise known as DWTS. She has been a favourite of Dr Svoboda for years.

Dr Svoboda is a Dentist who creates New Smiles at ParkPlace Dental Centre, in Brampton.  In the first video Anna challenges Dr Svoboda with a beautiful Foxtrot that she creates for the show. It follows the style of the “Dancing with the Stars” show. Enjoy the video and be sure to attend the exciting 2Some event and check out the video produced from the show! I will post it after the show for your viewing pleasure.


Dancing is wonderful with well groomed ladies and gentlemen moving over the dance floor in time to the rhythm of beautiful music. Everyone is a Star of their dance performance. Dr. Emil Svoboda – the “Dancing Dentist” knows that a nice smile is always a great compliment to any dancer and any “picture line”. This little video demonstrates the impact of some of the great smiles Dr. Svoboda helped create for the Stars of the TV Series “Rags to Red Carpet”. Have a look and and I am sure you will agree. Come, be a Star at ParkPlace Dental Centre, and let the “Dancing Dentist” create a better smile for you.


How Dr. Emil Svoboda PhD, DDS became the “Dancing Dentist”?

It all started late 2005 when my daughter, now Dr. Mary-Anne Svoboda (Dentist), bought introductory dance lessons for my wife Mary and I at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Mississauga. Well we loved it! What is there not to like?? The Cha Cha, the Rumba, the Salsa, the Meringue and the Swing – you cannot do the Swing without smiling.

Then there is the Waltz, the Foxtrot and the Quickstep, and the famous Tango and exciting Samba. Great music, lovely ladies, super costumes and many practice parties – all added to the enjoyment and helped us meet new friends and improve enjoyment of Social Dance at weddings and other celebrations. To this day we still enjoy the friends and some of the wonderful social – dance events organized by Lucy – the owner of the Mississauga Studio. We also started to dance at the Blue Heel Dance Studio in Mississauga and enjoyed the wonderful hospitality and events organized by Caroline and Bee and their dance instructors.

Dance has affected a very positive change for my life, as day to day dentistry and a sedentary social lifestyle had already rounded both my back and belly. With dance I began to “ slim down” and develop much better “posture”. I learned to stand up straight again and hold in my belly, so I could become a better dance leader for my partner.

Anybody can work better when they are in better shape and in a more balanced healthy lifestyle. Wanting to improve my dance ability has also made me more interested in adding good food and exercise to my daily routine. Improved upper body strength helps with balance and some of the more interesting dance manoeuvres.

Today, Mary and I love our dance lessons with Viviana from Big Birds Ballroom in Mississauga and with Richard Thibeault at the Olsi DanceSport Studio, Toronto. We are presently working with Richard Thibeault and Viviana in preparation for the Crystal Leaf International Dance Competition  April 14th to 16th, 2011. This should be an amazing event.

We also get dance instruction from the lovely Akiko Seale of dream maker dance. Akiko now works in our dental office. Akiko was our very first dance instructress. It is lovely to still have her in our lives.

For those of you who think dance is for sissies – think again. Dance helps exercise and sharpen the use of many of your senses and cognitive functions. Dance depends on developing listening skills that include sensing music and also ability to interpret music and coordinate what you hear with dance steps. Then there is remembering steps, muscle training for holding balance and posture and strength training for those famous dips. Norman Doidge M.D. in his book “The Brain that Changes Itself” mentions dance as a very good activity for humans to improve the function of their brains. I believe him.

You may ask, so where can someone enjoy dancing with friends and fellow students. We are lucky that there are many places in Toronto and surrounding area. Each Studio generally has its own social events to enjoy. These events often fall near holidays and weekends. In addition there are larger events like the amazing 2Some dance workshop, dance and show. There are also many dance clubs like that run by Cathy Gullo at FameeFurlane and the 30-up dance Club in Mississauga.   Mary and I just joined the 30-updance Club and we usually join Viviana and BigBirdsBallroom group at the FameeFurlane. I really love the dance and the social. Have I already said that?

So I hope you enjoy my website along with the funny little video with “the dancing dentist” and the video about the Smile Makeovers for the Stars of the Rags to Red Carpet TV Show.  I   hope it encourages you to pursue health and happiness in your life.


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